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When there’s a power failure, you want to be sure your operations continue uninterrupted. TMB located in Salem NH can keep your people safe and your business running with a Kohler Generator.

We provide emergency back-up and temporary electrical power to millions of customers in New England through the use of our generators. TMB can audit your energy needs and recommend, install, and service Kohler Generator in critical conditions.

Good news, when the power goes out you won’t lift a finger. With the KOHLER Power Reserve, you’ll never lose power during an outage, and you’ll save big on your utility bill. Ask about our many preventative maintenance programs and green initiatives that can save you money on your next projects.

Why Wait for the Lights to Go Out. Annual Maintenance Performed on Your Generator System

While New England weather, utility power outages, and the safety of your home and family make it a necessity to have a standby or portable generator installed by a professional, you need to ensure that the system is in peak operating condition on a regular basis.

Insuring that your Kohler generator stays running in optimal condition through use and over time, batteries, oils, fluids, spark plugs, belts and hoses begin to deteriorate. Valve clearance, ignition timing and frequency need to be adjusted; regular maintenance is the only way to ensure that your standby or portable generator system will perform when your lights go out.

Our generator electrical services include, but are not limited to:
Kohler Generator Sales
Kohler Generator Installation
Kohler Generator Service

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